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Pte. George Webb

Horefield Barracks,Bristol 1930. Depot of the Gloucestershire Regt

Mick, son of Geoege Webb

Northern Ireland 1971

D Company Bahrein

Snipers Cadre Tidworth 1984.

Training Wing Munster 1979/80

Left to Right Ade Bryan - Robin Attwood - Charlie Stevens - Guy Honey -

Billy Wilcox - John Hussey - Tony Dixon.

Ginger Hale Polo Field Cyprus

Ginger Hale Polo Field Cyprus

Regimental Polo Team Cyprus

Col. Varwell - Maj. Streather - RSM Smythe - Pte. Ginger Hale

HQ Boxing Team Cyprus

F/row Ginger Hale - O.C. HQ Coy [name?] - C/Sgt Paddy Dolton - CSM Topper Brown - Eddie Fry.

M/row Colin Paling - who? -Paddy Leonard - who?

B/row who? - Mosely - Colin Pitt - who?

[e-mail the missing names to webmaster at]

Regimental Boxing Team Berlin

Derrick Cook[PTI] - Trevor Ongley[Officer]

F/row Gerry Gaze - Jack Hodder ['Jumping Jack Flash'] - Harris [Bunny] O'flaherty - Pete Goss - Bob Goss

B/row Les Radnedge - Paddy Gleeson - Many Mansford - Harry Dixon - Ginger Hale - Beverley Llewelyn

Big Naffi Berlin 68/69

Band Practice Berlin

March Past Berlin

Anti Tankers Winterberg

Anti Tanks Winterberg 1969

Anti Tank Platoon at Winterberg 1969

Anti Tank Platoon at Soltau 1969

Anti Tank Platoon Berlin 1969

Berlin 1969

3 Platoon on Exercise West Berlin 1969

3 Platoon A Coy. 1968

3 Plt. A. Coy. Relax with a party in Berlin 1969

432 Minden 1972

Terry a Bowden, Berlin 1978

Spanda Belin 1968

On the Square. Berlin 1969

Punk Night, Munster

Keil 1968

Burma 6 Platoon 1968. End of Training. Exeter

Colour Party, Cheltenham

Mayor Of Cheltenham Inspects B Coy.

Eyes Left. B Coy Cheltenham

1 Glosters Cheltenham Exercise Their Freedom 1972

1 Glosters Cheltenham 1972

Taking a Break. Cheltenham Freedom Parade 1972

Northern Ireland 1969

Lower Falls

Lower Falls

Lower Falls

Londonderry 1969/70. Cheltenham Boys

Cliff Hoare - Roy Uzzell - Steve Gordon - Ray Vale - Mick Whittle



B Coy. Ulster

B Coy. Ulster

Balykelly 1979

Balykelly 1979

7Plt Ambassadors Guard Berlin

7 Plt. Berlin 1969

7 Plt Sennelager 1967

Ray Vale and Mike Whiffin

Paddy Charlie

Paddy & Pat

Pat Dobbin

Rear of A Coy Berlin 1968

Dave Gerry Terry Ray

From Mike Whitting

Sorry no caption given!

Bing Naffi Berlin 1968/69

Big Naffi Berlin 1968/69

7 Plt 1968/69

Prepare to move off to Insbruk

B Coy 1969

Grunewald Forest Berlin


Berlin 1968

They Shall not Pass!

M.T. Platoon's finest stand guard against all evils. Bt. HQ Gilgil Kenya 1955 L to R Name? Pete Prendergast - Jungle Haywood - Chike Faulkener

Advanced Driver Training

M.T. Platoon 1955 Kenya. Putting the latest technology into use, only the best is good enough for our brave lads!! Pete Prendergast at the wheel

Gilgil Kenya 1955

Hunting the Mau Mau M.T. Style 1955 [Or is it a potential Officers Course??]

Kenya 1955/56 MT Section at Pencil Slats. Att. C Coy.

One for the pot, no compo for us!

Kenya 1955/56

M.T. boys will be dining on venison tonight [well Dik Dik to be exact] Courtesy of Mike O’Neil at the cook pot. The cook pot, an empty kerosene can was kept stewing outside the MT tent 24hrs a day, topped up by the occasional road kill. Well it was much better than compo again and again!

Kenya 1955

Delaps Farm. Home for a while to C Coy. on the edge of the Aberdare forest.

Plymouth Tatoo

Ted Willis

Berlin 1967


No caption offered!!

Berlin 1967


B Coy. Baveria 1969

Plymouth Tatoo

Support Coy. 1990

End of operational tour Northern Ireland February 1988 - February 1990

Jonhah 96 on the Lower Falls Road 1970

Trev Jones is the one standing. Who is the Driver?

Pete Payne & Stu Dancer

Reunited and ejoying several pints and lots of memories


Babs Barber on drums (Back) Ian & Mike( left) Sam Wood & Pip Ambury


Ron Thorpe, Bri Hazard, the late Bobby Cox, & Pip Ambury Berlin


Big Naafi Berlin

Ray Peart - Bobby Cox - Derek Kelly Who are the others?

Big Naafi Berlin

Derek Kelly- Smiler Smyth - Ergan Franklin - John O'Shea Who are the others?


Eddie Fry Edwin Gazey


Les, Hank, Roy, Mac & Pip



Ned Taff Edwin

The Savage Age

Bri Hazard Snake Aspinwall (on drums) & Pip Ambury

Four mile house? Cyprus

The late Ned Watts, the late Les Orchard, unknown, unknown Pip Ambury .

The late Ned Watts & Pip Ambury looking gay in Cyprus


NCO's Cadre Germany

NCO's Cadre Aug 2nd - Sept 17th 1987

Ray Vale Londonderry 1969/70

Ray Vale with CO Berlin 1969

A Coy. Derry 1969-70

A Coy. in Derry 1969 -70

Band & Drums at Church Crookham Silver Jubilee 1976

Winning team of Ex. Parashot 1969

L to R. Cpl. T. Jones - Cpl. T. White - Cpl. R. Rossety - CSM. P. Goss

Libya 1963

Who are they?

Libya 1963

Is the guy in the middle 'John 'Lofty' Parkin?

Libya 1963

Who are they?

Libya 1963

Who are they?

Sports Day

Keith Fussell and C/Sgt D. Smeath representing A Coy on Sports day running the 3 Miles. The only names I can remember is Pop Jennings who was in HQ Coy I think.and Lt. Woodley running for D Coy.

SS Navasa

SS Navasa sailing to Cyprus. We left Southampton on the 7th of March 1961 arriving in Cyprus. I believe on the 21st of March. Keith Fussell

Glosters Cheltenham Freedom Parade

Glosters Cheltenham Freedom Parade

Freedom March Winchcombe 1972

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