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NCO's Cadre Minden

Junior NCO Cardre 1979 Munster
Back row: A Lovell - Steve Smith -Charlie Riley -Pete Blake Stoch - Erne Hillers - George Weston - Les Gill - NKN
Centre row: Ukn - Ukn - Steve Cox - Paddy Walsh - Pig pen - Ian Mascalle - Ukn - Dave Young
Front row: Jock Graham - CSM Wardle - Capt Martin - Lt.Col Firth - Capt S Oxlade - Sgt Ray Wells - Cpl Mick Campbell

Wyvern Barracks passing out parade about April/May 1967
Can you name a few more?

14 plt. D Coy

Pte Pete Hill

Danny Daniels

A young Alan Peacey in NI 1978

Alan and Sam Gorman Germany 1980

Meeting up after 42 years on the Isle of Wight

L/R Alan Franklin, alias Ergun - Geoff Thoner alias the Bin - Geoff Green alias Gunge 12 Nov 2010

Belfast 1974

Back Badge Dinner 2008

Gunge Green. Mo Dix. Alan Chamber. Alan Franklin

Cyprus with pam Ayres and Rat Smith 1982 (2)

Dusty sam and Peacey Germany

Germany 1980

Ginge franklin and Carl Atkins

Junior Soldiers in Crickhowel South Wales 1977

Martyn limberick and Alan Quedge Peacey

Skiing with Army Germany 1980

Sking with the Glosters in Germany JAN 1980

Spike williams Glosters skiing in Germany 1980

Skiing in Germany with Army 1980

Training company Crickhowell S Wales 1977

Doyle Bowden Buckley

Derek Bowden

Derek Bowden - Bulling Boots

L/Cpl Robin Holtham

Exercise Senenager 1970's

B Coy Sennelager Ray Vale Jock Patterson and ? and ?

B Coy Sennelager Rob Holtham Jock Patterson ? an ?

B Coy Sennelager

B Copy Sennelager 1970's

B Coy with the Tankies Sennelager 1970's

B Coy Sennelager 1970's


Sennelager B Coy 1970's

Minden Barracks preparing for Ex Rocking Horse 1970's

Minden Barracks preparing for Rocking Horse 70's

Preparing for Rocking Horse Minden 1970's

L/Cpl Robin Holtham

Shake down Exercise with Americans back from Nam.

Lt. Gen Smart.

B Coy Shake Down Exercise with Americans

B Coy on Exercise with Italians. Sennelager

On Exercise with French and Italians.Sennelager

L/Cpl Robin Holtham

Observing IRA funeral 1970's

Belfast 1972

Neil Belfast B Coy 1972

L/Cpl Robin Holtham, Belfast 1972

Sangar Duty

Belfast 1972 B Coy

B Coy Best Arms Finf Feb 1972 NI

Sgt. John Davis

Abseiling LLangatock. Glosters AYT 25.1973

Glosters 25 AYT Brecon Beacons 1973

Cpl Dudley Shelem?- Cpl Robin Holtham- CSM Ian Mathews - Cpl Mick Evans

1 Glosters 25 Army Youth Team 1973

Mick Evans- Dudley Shel?m- John Davis

Rob Holtham - Neil Jones and Frenchy? Minden NAFFI 70's

Robin Holtham Free Fall Parachuting with Bob Goss. Minden 1970's

Back Badge Weekend 2009

Back Badge Parade 2009 Gloucester

Back Badge Parade 2009 Gloucester

Back Badge Parade 2009 Gloucester

Back Badge Parade 2009 Gloucester

Alan Franklin & Alex Hall

Back Badge Reunion Dinner 2009

Back Badge Parade 2009 Gloucester

Back Badge Parade 2009 Gloucester

This is the sum total, Offrs & ORs, who managed to get themselves on parade at Gloucester.

Comment & photo sent in by Les Ramsden

Back Badge Parade 2009 Gloucester

General John Waters chats with Ray Peart and Les Ramsden at Gloucester Cathedral

Back Badge Parade 2009 Gloucester

Ray Peart with 'navigator' Les Ramsden get themselves on parade at Gloucester Cathedral



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