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Michael (Mickey) Bailey

24134916 Michael (Mickey) Bailey B Coy.

Mike Heavens has reported with great sadness of the passing of Mickey (Michael) Bailey. He was a “B” Coy stalwart who was badly injured during the 72 tour of Belfast – a good friend and a really lovely man.

Mike Heavens speaks for all when he sends condolences to the family.

Rest in Peace bro!! Daughter Kayla will keep Len up to date with the funeral arrangements etc.’

Mickey died 23rd June 2022



Michael Heavens has posted the following information on social media


In case anyone has not got details of Mike Baileys funeral here they are?   It will be leaving from his mum and dads house  55 Aldwick avenue Hartcliffe Bristol  BS13 0NU  – At 1:30 on Thursday the 28th July.  If anyone prefers to meet at the crematorium it’s at Bristol South Crematorium funeral starts at 2:15.   Mike`s brother is organising  and requires no input.

Bristol South Crematorium is at :Bridgwater Rd, Bedminster Down, Bristol BS13 7AS

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