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George Eric Musgrave.

George Eric Musgrave.


George joined The REME attachment assigned to the 1st Battalion of The Gloucestershire Regiment in the Summer of 1949. He deployed with Regiment to Korea in November 1950 and remained there until November 1951, During this time his attachment provided much-needed support to the 1st Battalion during The Battle of the Imjin River. George left the army in 1953 at the age of 23 years.
George and his family visited the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum on many occasions and he was very proud to have his name included on the ‘Imjin Role’ within the museum He was also very happy and proud to be able to attend both the 50th and 60th Commemorations of The Battle of The Imjin River in Gloucester Cathedral, which enabled him to meet up with his remaining fellow Korean Veterans.
George was a keen follower of the Regimental Website and his family said that he would have been extremely proud to have his name entered within the Regimental remembrance pages, hence his obituary will be listed alongside those Glosters he served with in Korea.

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