Message from The Webmaster

Hi there

Some of you may have noticed some changes with this website!

My name is Jim Waterfall and since the death of Dusty Miller I have taken over the duties of webmaster for the Glosters. I realise that I have a very hard act to follow after Dusty’s magnificent contributions to the Association and the Glosters website over the years and I hope that you will be as supportive of me as you were of Dusty.

Whilst I am not a Gloster, I did serve for 17½years with 1DERR, leaving with the rank of Sgt in 1991 (20 years including Junior Soldiers at Oswestry).

I have made changes to the website as it was in, my opinion, in need of a makeover, making it easier to navigate and more relevant to you.

One thing that I will ask of you all is that this is YOUR website and we need you to contribute material for the website, photo’s, reports on events, news on our veterans in fact anything that you may think a Gloster maybe interested in.

One last point, as with DERR, I do not believe that whilst there may be ex-servicemen, there is no such thing as an ex-Gloster, once a Gloster, always a Gloster.

So I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you as your webmaster and to carry forward Dusty’s legacy into the future.


Web Orderly Sergeant