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The funeral of Tony Taylor

Service Notice. We have now received details and service requests for the funeral of Tony Taylor of The Gloucestershire Regiment, who passed away on Wednesday 20thDecember 2024. His daughter Dawn has requested full Association support for the funeral which will take place at Weston Super Mare Crematorium, Ebdon Road, Worle, Weston Super Mare, Somerset, BS22 9NY on Tuesday the 16th of January 2024 at 1330hrs.

The county chairman will be supplying the regimental Drape, Wreath, Hat and belt and Dawn has also requested a Bugler, Standard bearers and pallbearers if possible. Could any standard bearer who is available to attend please contact me directly. We have already had two volunteers as pallbearers, four more are required, if possible, again names to me please in advance.

All Tony's pals and association members are welcome to attend the funeral and afterwards, at 1445hrs, there will be a wake at the 49 Social Club, 24 - 28 Baker Street, Weston super Mare, Somerset, BS23 3AE.

Anyone wishing to attend the wake should contact me to book catering numbers for Dawn. Tony requested that any donations at his funeral should be made to the Regimental Association to enable its continued funeral support for members and families.

There will also be a collection on the day, but for those who cannot attend or for easier payment, bank details are RGBW Association Somerset, Sort Code: 30 99 51 Acct No 00545601 and include “TT” in the description box. Thank you

The Glosters Regimental Association New Years Lunch

The Glosters Regimental Association New Years Lunch

Here are some photo's from the Glosters Regimental Association New Years Lunch at the Orchard Inn, West Huntspill. Klaus Galeitzke, Ray Margaret, Nick and Dawn were present.


Reminder - Service Notice: Tony Taylor

Reminder - Service Notice: Tony Taylor of The Gloucestershire Regiment. The service will take place on Tuesday the 16th of January 2024 at Weston Super Mare Crematorium, Ebdon Road, Worle, Weston Super Mare, Somerset, BS22 9NY at 1330hrs. The wake afterwards is being held at the 49 Social Club, 24 - 28 Baker Street, Weston super Mare, Somerset, BS23 3AE.

Private Anthony Reginald Aspinwall

Private Anthony Reginald Aspinwall
Private Anthony Reginald Aspinwall
Aged 22
Gloucestershire Regiment
Murdered by terrorists 17th December 1971
Private Aspinwall was mortally wounded by an IRA Sniper in a street off the Falls Road on the night of 16th December 1971. He was shot in the stomach, but he still managed to fire six shots at the snipers position. When the ambulance arrived to pick him up they also came under fire. He was taken to the RVH where he died of his wounds the 17th December 1971 at 3am. His wife, father, sister and brother was at his bedside. That was the time when the CO gave orders that the cap badge to be darkened. After that every regiment in Northern Ireland that had bright badges were blackened. He was native of Somerset.

Independent Inquiry relating to Afghanistan

Dear All,

Please see attached details re an Independent Inquiry relating to Afghanistan. Whilst this is unlikely to directly affect our veterans, I forward it to you for your (and their) information. As it is likely that the subject will soon feature in the news, it is important to give our veterans the facts. 

Please pass it on to those that you think will benefit from the information contained within.

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Staff Letter
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Post Service Report – Brian (Bri) Wright

Friday saw the funeral of Brian Wright take place at Torbay Crematorium, Devon, and later a celebration of his life at The Crown and Sceptre, St Marychurch, Torquay. The Regiment was extremely well represented, It was a huge challenge to get over 150 people into an 80-seater facility but using every square inch of standing room we accomplished it! I would like to thank Len Keeling for organising the minibus down from Gloucester, the four Standard Bearers: Scott McBryde, Roger Smith, Steven Tierney and the local British Legion representative. Also grateful to the six volunteer pallbearers on the day, Eddie Kenneford, Ben Casey, John Davies, Tony Jones, Allan Winchester and Dave Stone.
Chas Deacon the Celebrant held it all together nicely and the two Senior Rank musicians from The Rifles gave a great rendition of the Last Post, leaving hardly a dry eye in the building. The live service video link has been taken down for editing but will be published again shortly using the details issued previously. Feedback from the family during the day was outstanding and made all the hard work very worthwhile. I would like to thank Bob, Sadie and Clair for hosting the day's events including the most welcoming celebrations I have ever attended in a Pub. Last, but not least, a huge thank you to all the members of the Regiment who turned up and made the day such a great success, it was a great tribute to the “Glosters” family and its former members.
Should anyone have missed donating during the day, and would like to do so, the details are as follows: RGBW Association Somerset. Sort Code: 30 99 51 Acct No 00545601 and include “BW” in the description box, thank you.

Martin Talling
“by our deeds, we are known”

Brian Wright's funeral

The funeral of Brian Wright which took place yesterday was well supported due to his popularity.
The crematorium was small hence standing room only nonetheless the Standard Bearers, Buglers x2, wreath presentation and general military side was professionally organised by Martin Talling and went down well with family and friends
Len RU

Brian Wright's Funeral - Webcast

For those who cannot attend in person the funeral service of Brian Wright will be live streamed;
Webcast order summary
Webcast details for the service of Brian Wright at 10:30 (GMT) on Friday 8th December, at Torbay Crematorium Chapel, run by Torbay & District Funeral Service are as below.
Username: zaro2122
Password: 643919
Webcast | Obitus
Webcast | Obitus
Obitus webcast

The 2023 Forest of Dean Branch Christmas Lunch

Forest of Dean branch Chrismas lunch. Today at the Orepool. Great turnout, good food. Old friends. Much Banter. Roll on next year when we can do it all again. Thanks to Gill Phelps, Jenny McBride and Judy for putting this together. Our guests for gracing us with their presence. Splash and Mandy, Keith Kinsey, Mel Dawes and Eddie Kenneford. Brigadier Martin Vine. Members of the Severnside Branch Association and Forest members.

Curtesy of Ken Durham

Update on Brian Wright's Funeral

Updated Service Notice: A service for Brian Wright will be held on Friday the 8th of December 2023 at 1030hrs at Torbay Cemetery & Crematorium, Hele Road, Torquay TQ2 7QG. The Regimental Association will be giving his family full support for a military funeral with a regimental Drape, Wreath, Hat and belt, Pall Bearers, Standard Bearers and Bugler. Len Keeling will be bringing a 19-seater mini bus from Gloucester, (front entrance SOGM on Commercial Road at 0600hrs (TBC)) He is happy to fill the remaining seats on a first-come first-served basis. With possible pick-up on-route at Gordano Services Junction 19 of the M5. Anyone wishing to book a seat is to contact Len directly at 07414945062. Dress Regimental Ties. Brian's family cordially invites any Gloster friends and family to attend the service and the wake afterwards, which will be at the Crown and Sceptre, 2 Petitor Road, Torquay TQ1 4QA. There is only a small car park at the back of the pub, but there is a large bus/car-friendly car park at the Babbacombe model village; and 2 other car parks with good capacity next to Bygones and behind the Driftwood Café. There is also free street parking in various areas, with the closest being marked on the undermentioned map. All locations marked are less than 2-8 minutes amble from the pub. For information, Fore Street is pedestrianised.

Poppy Trains

Somerset Poppy Train 

Several train stations in Somerset will welcome the arrival of a 'Poppy Train' to transport wreaths to London for remembrance weekend.  Six trains will work to collect over 200 wreaths from GWR stations ahead of the London service on Friday, November 10.  The Great Western Railway service will mark 70 years since the end of the Korean War, remembering particularly personnel of the Gloucestershire Regiment and the Royal Fusiliers, who were involved in some of the heaviest fighting.  Taunton Railway Station will be the first of the Somerset stops for the Poppy Train, which is expected to arrive in the town at 7:24 a.m. on Friday, November 10. 

The train will then travel north through Sedgemoor and into North Somerset before diverting towards London Paddington Station.  It will make stops to collect wreaths at the following Somerset stations:

  • Bridgwater - 7:35 am
  • Highbridge & Burnham - 7:42 am
  • Weston-Super-Mare - 7:55 am
  • Weston Milton - 7:59 am
  • Worle - 8:03 am
  • Yatton - 8:09 am
  • Nailsea & Backwell 8:15 am

Planned engineering work preventing trains from running between Penzance and Plymouth, will be mitigated by support from a Royal Navy helicopter, and a bus to collect wreaths from stations through the region and carry them to Plymouth.  Danny Greeno, CEO of The Veterans Charity, said:  “We are very proud to have wonderful support from GWR for this Remembrance initiative which is now in its fourth year.  "Poppies To Paddington will once again be hugely poignant, paying respects to the fallen.  "Thanks to great support from the military and railway communities, wreaths are still able to complete their journey from across the South-West to Paddington to form the backdrop to the annual Remembrance service on Platform 1.  “Bringing communities, service personnel and Veterans together to remember in this special way is so important to ensure the sacrifices of the fallen are never forgotten.

The RGBW Association County Chairman for Somerset will be at Highbridge Train Station to present a Gloster Poppy Wreath to commemorate the return of our Imjin heroes from the Chinese prison camps 70 years ago.  It would be greatly appreciated if any other Association members could be in attendance at any of the stations listed at the stated time to meet/greet the train,  “By our deeds we are known”

Yours aye

Martin Talling

County Chairman

memories of 13 Platoon, D Coy 1965

The following has been received:

Good Morning Gentleman,
Following your latest communication , I was curious to know how many old and bold are still with us from 13 platoon D Coy, which was my platoon after being commissioned from Mons OCS in 1965. Paul Arengo Jones was the senior sub in D company, some other bloke commanded 15 platoon I think, and Bobby Martin was the OC. George Thomas was the CSM and the Bn was commanded by HENRY RADICE !!!! Adjt was David Godfrey and his asst was Tim Cooper. Jeremy Mermagen was sigs Officer and Mike Smith- Rewes was the mortar comd. Swaziland was the posting.

Cpl Panga Price will live with me for ever as will Cpl Nobby Clark !!!!!! and Len Keeling (Then pte Keeling) I know you won't forget me Len!! . How I wish memories did not fade.

Best wishes to all old Glosters

Peter McNaught

Gloster Regimental Memorial Update


We are pleased to announce that we are now an accredited Charity!

We are presently waiting for

HMRC to approve this formally so that we can then push forward on reclaiming Gift Aid. This entitles us to use the Gift Aid scheme.

Gift Aid is a scheme run by the government that enables charities to increase the value of donations made by reclaiming basic rate tax that has been paid on the gift. At the moment, we can claim 25p per £1 donated, so on a gift of £100, we will actually receive an extra £25, at no cost to the donor which we can use to help towards the final balance.

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