Slashers Reunited

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I am trying to revive the "Slashers Reunited" so all of the Glosters Veterans can come together, not restricting it to Facebook users.

To that effect I have already imported over 200 members into the site from the details that I inherited and most those on that list would have received an email with their log in details for the site. Unfortunately, some 30 odd of those did not have an email address on record and therefore, unsurprisingly, did not receive the email. 

So what to do if you think you are registered but havent received an email? email me here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if you are registered I will send you your log in details if not you will have to go through the registration process here.

So once registerd and logged in, what then? You will be able to see items not open to the public, a new item will appear in the top menu "Slashers Reunited" from there you will see various items. These are;

  1. Nominal roll - this shows everyone who is registered onto the website
  2. Your profile - surprisingly shows your profile
  3. Slashers Wall - This is an area where you can interact with each other.
  4. Edit your profile - need I explain this one?
  5. On some pages you wil be able to leave comments once logged in.