The Glosters Old Comrades

This is the website for The Gloucestershire Regiment Old Comrades the old comrades are veterans of the afore mentioned regiment. We are of The Rifles & RGBW Regimental Association

This website concentrates on the veterans rather than the regiments history. Here you will find details of the various clubs, events/reunions, details of the Association Branches and of course news including births, deaths and marriages (although we don’t get too many of the former). If you need to research the regiments history then go here. The soldiers of Glostershire

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The Latest from the Slashers

Terry Webb’s Funeral
19 July 2024
The funeral arrangements for Terry Webb...
Terry Webb
13 July 2024
We are reading on Social Media that Ter...
Bob Garland
28 June 2024
It is my sad duty to inform you of the ...
Jim Watkins
22 June 2024
It is our sad duty to inform the passin...
Ted Brooks
18 June 2024
We are hearing reports on social media ...
Rob Bishop
Rob Bishop
18 June 2024
No More Parades: It is my sad duty...
Victor (Vic) Gingell
12 June 2024
It is my sad duty to inform the passing...
Stan Gunnell
8 June 2024
Please be advised of the passing of Pte...
Details of Vic Gingell’s funeral
31 May 2024
Vic Gingell's funeral will take place o...

The Rifles & RGBW Regimental Association

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