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Private Anthony Reginald Aspinwall

Private Anthony Reginald Aspinwall
Aged 22
Gloucestershire Regiment
Murdered by terrorists 17th December 1971
Private Aspinwall was mortally wounded by an IRA Sniper in a street off the Falls Road on the night of 16th December 1971. He was shot in the stomach, but he still managed to fire six shots at the snipers position. When the ambulance arrived to pick him up they also came under fire. He was taken to the RVH where he died of his wounds the 17th December 1971 at 3am. His wife, father, sister and brother was at his bedside. That was the time when the CO gave orders that the cap badge to be darkened. After that every regiment in Northern Ireland that had bright badges were blackened. He was native of Somerset.

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