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The Reverend Brian Sherrington

No More Parades. It is my sad duty to inform the passing of Ex Regimental Padre the Reverend Brian Sherrington on Sunday, 5 June 2023,

we were notified by The Reverend Dr David Hart, Secretary, Royal Army Chaplains Department Association. Brian was born on 6 June 1937 and joined the Chaplin’s Department in September 1972. He served initially in BAOR with 4 Fd Regt RA at Munsterlarger. In March 1973, Brian was posted to 1 GLOSTERS whom he joined on an emergency tour in Northern Ireland, accompanying them to the UK and then on a six-month unaccompanied tour in Belize in August 75.
In June 1976, Brian was posted to the REME training centre at Aborfield. He was promoted to CF3 in September 1978, and in August 1979, was posted to 26 Fd Regt RA at Dortmund. This was followed by a posting to the Army Apprentices College at Chepstow in September 1981 before being appointed the Deputy Warden at Bagshot Park in January 1986. He was promoted to CF2 in April 1987 and retired from the Department in November 1988. Details of Brian’s funeral will be circulated when they are available.

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