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Major(QM) Phillip Hall MBE

Major(QM) Phillip Hall MBE

Major(QM) Phillip Hall MBE

Tribute to Major Philip Henry Hall MBE

Many are aware of the recent death of Maj Philip Henry Hall. Phil Hall died on 28th February 2023 aged
78. After attending IJLB Oswestry (1960-62) he trained at the Wessex Depot (Aug 62 to Jan 63) before joining 1st Battalion The Royal Hampshire Regiment. There he rose to the rank of Sgt and in 1968 was the Kophinou District Signals Sgt during a UN tour of Cyprus. Subsequently he became the battalion signals sgt.
By 1970 Sgt Hall was amongst those transferring to 1st Glosters at Honiton in preparation for an amalgamation that would not take place; the men of Tiger Company were welcomed. Thereafter the armoured role in BAOR (Minden), tours of Northern Ireland and freedom marches provided much context while Phil found time to court and then marry Dawn in August 1971. Later and as a SNCO, Phil achieved a distinguished result on the RSOs Course before becoming the RSWO (Jan 74-Nov 75). He subsequently returned to the School of Infantry as an instructor at the Signals Wing in 1978. This posting followed periods of employment such as Trg Wg WO and CSM HQ Coy while 1st Glosters were at Weeton, Belize, Wainwright and Ballykelly in addition to activity such as the Clansman Radio Trials and Ex CLEFT STICK.
In Nov 79 WO2 Phil Hall was awarded a short service commission and became MTO 1 GLOSTERS at Munster. Thereafter his service comprised a variety of postings beginning with a year at Shorncliffe’s IJLB from late 81 followed by the Depot Crickhowell where he was OC HQ Coy; during this time he gained a Special Regular Commission. Phil departed Cwrt-y-Gollen in mid 85 a year or so before its closure and returned to 1st Glosters with a QM’s commission and as Tech QM, initially at Tidworth and then Berlin. In Nov 87 Maj Phil Hall took over the role of QM 4 UDR from John Venus and worked for three COs, Christopher Newbould, Mike Smith RGJ and John Moody QRIH at 4/6 UDR. He was held in high esteem and was awarded the MBE. Meanwhile the pro-longed tour enabled the Halls to provide continuity for Tracey’s education. QM 1 WESSEX was his penultimate appointment before retiring in 2000 having first completed a number of years as OC of the Cadet Trg Team Bicester.
By late 2000 Maj (Retd) Phil Hall was appointed to the RO3 role as Asst Reg Sec RGBW, vice Humphrey Britton-Johnson. He held the post for almost ten years and experienced further change in 2007 with the formation of The Rifles. Many will recall Dawn’s death in March 2011 following a short illness. Now and in remembering them both several have remarked on how they benefitted from Phil’s expertise, practical advice and knowledge. A mentor to many he kept in touch with friends and comrades in each of his regiments. Phil was a trustee to the military aid (welfare) fund of the Royal Hampshire’s from 2014-2022.

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